Saudi Space Commission Secures Four ISO Certifications in Recognition of its Operational Excellence


The Saudi Space Commission (SSC) has secured four world-class ISO certifications in recognition of its application of international best practices and quality standards across its information technology (IT) policies and processes. The four ISO certifications are (1) ISO 22301 and a business continuity management system certificate; (2) ISO 20000, and a service management system certificate for information technology; (3) ISO 27001 and cybersecurity management system certificate; and (4) ISO 9001 and quality management system certificate. The SSC’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh considered that these accreditations consolidate the status and position of the IT services and technology systems developed and operated by the SSC in accordance with world-class standards, with the aim of regulating the entire processes and outputs based on a total-quality approach. Al Al-Sheikh deemed that securing these recognitions within a short period of time since the establishment of the SSC enhances competitiveness and raises the efficiency of the entire plans and processes of the SSC in line with its strategic mandates under Vision 2030. The ISO certificate is one of the most important international certifications that attest to the sustainable and continuous development of activities and services, and the application of quality management principles. The awarding decision follows a comprehensive evaluation of the level of performance of information technology services. 

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