UN Space Office Accredits Saudi Space Commission as Official Representative of KSA


The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) has accredited the Saudi Space Commission (SSC) as the official representative of Saudi Arabia before the Office and all UN organs, and posted SSC’s logo on its official website.

The accreditation is a recognition of SSC’s active role in developing and regulating space-related activities in Saudi Arabia with the goal of positioning the space sector as a key contributor to national economy and social welfare.

On the occasion, SSC’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh said the SSC is pleased to receive this accreditation, and noted that Saudi government’s creation of the SSC reflected space sector’s importance for national economy, and asserted the government’s intent to develop the sector by combining local capabilities and enhancing international cooperation.

Since its inception, the SSC has formulated a national space strategy, draft regulations for the space industry, and is establishing a Saudi Space Company to take charge of the diverse space-related activities – these proposals were already submitted to the government for approval, said Al Al-Sheikh.

The three proposals will constitute a robust head start for the SSC to pursue its strategic mandate that includes: Regulating all activities related to the space sector and its development to serve the interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; supporting national security and mitigating the risks related to the sector; encouraging and incentivizing space-related research and industrial activities; and developing national cadres in the field of space.

Al Al-Sheikh pointed out that the SSC seeks to build a robust national entity capable of developing and regulating the space industry, and improve its growth prospects, especially in the field of the peaceful uses of space discoveries and technologies. The SSC will forge partnerships with relevant state institutions, the private sector, and the academia and research centers locally and worldwide to realize its goals.

SSC’s endeavors are backed by the great legacy and track record of Saudi Arabia in the field of space over the past three decades. Saudi Arabia has been a true believer of the prospects of the space sector since 1985 when the Kingdom dispatched HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman aboard a mission to the space thereby becoming the first Arab and Muslim astronaut, and participated with a full scientific team into the mission.

The UNOOSA was established in 1958 by international governments and space community to promote international cooperation and build capacity in support of space activities. It assists UN member states to establish legal and regulatory frameworks to govern space activities and seeks to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to use space science technology and applications.

UNOOSA’s accreditation of the SSC is a key stride on the way of empowering the SSC to practice its role on the international arena and serve the interests of the Kingdom internationally.

Dr. Al Al-Sheikh offered his congratulations to SSC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz for the accreditation; and extended his gratitude to King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) for representing Saudi Arabia in the past years at UNOOSA and other international forums.

He noted that the SSC will continue cooperation with KACST and all stakeholders to put the expertise of Saudi research and development centers at the disposal of the space industry. 

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