Saudi Space Commission (SSC) Discusses Pan-Arab Space Cooperation at Arab Space Group Meeting


The Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Space Commission (SSC), Dr. Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh represented the SSC at the fifth meeting of the Arab Space Cooperation Group held on Thursday May 21 via video-conferencing technology.

The Arab Cooperation Group was established in March 2019 in Abu Dhabi with the goal of coordinating space-related efforts from 14 Arab states in the field of space science and technology. Saudi Arabia is a founding member of the Group.

The Group’s meeting, organized virtually in observance of Covid-19 precautions regionwide, was hosted by UAE Space Agency, and chaired by Dr. Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh. Proceedings were inaugurated by H.E. Dr. Ahmad bin Abdullah Al-Falasi, the UAE State Minister for Higher Education and Chairman of UAE Space Agency. The session was attended by 35 representatives from the 14 member states.

The meeting discussed a host of issues of mutual interest to delegations including the latest developments on the planning and implementation of the 813-Satellite Project, the Group’s flagship project so far.

Discussions on the 813-Satellite Project were segregated into two tracks: (1) The nomination and screening process of candidate experts for the Project who come from Arab member states including Saudi Arabia; and (2) the education and training opportunities that will be granted by Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center to students under scholarships from the United Arab Emirates University. The speakers also discussed the Group’s preparations for participating at international conferences and forums as of 2021.

At the close of the session, Dr. Al Al-Sheikh extended the gratitude of SSC, represented by Chairman HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, to Dr. Ahmad Al-Falasi for the remarkable work done so far, and expressed hope that these meetings deliver constructive results toward the effecting of pan-Arab cooperation in the field of space, which shall enhance the combined experiences of member states. 

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