HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman Chairs Second Meeting of the Board of Directors of Saudi Space Commission (SSC)


- The Board extended gratitude to the Saudi government under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman for its efforts on the containment of coronavirus.
- The Board approved the formation of Saudi Space Company, as an executive arm of SSC, and passed a draft space law to Cabinet for approval.

His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Space Commission (SSC), chaired the second meeting of SSC’s Board of Directors that convened virtually via a mobile app developed by SSC for distant working purpose.

The Board inaugurated the meeting by extending thanks and gratitude to the Saudi government, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, for its seamless efforts aimed at containing the spread of coronavirus, whereby placing the safety of citizens and residents as top priority. Board members invoked Allah Almighty to bring about an imminent resolution to this pandemic.

Afterwards, HRH Prince Sultan reviewed a progress report on the National Space Strategy (NSS) that was earlier approved by SSC and submitted on 26/6/1441 Hijri to Saudi Council of Ministers for endorsement. The Board expressed willingness to receive Cabinet’s approval the soonest, in order to receive requisite enablement for its execution as the Strategy will serve as a springboard for SSC’s business and the development of national space sector.

The Board discussed a series of topics related to SSC and national space sector, and took the following resolutions:

Formation of the Saudi Space Company
The Board of Directors approved the formation of Saudi Space Company and its bylaws, and submitted the formation draft regulations to the Council of Ministers pursuant to Law No. 209 issued on 25/4/1440 Hijri for approval. The Law stipulates that “The Saudi Space Commission (SSC) shall take all necessary actions to establish a Saudi Space Company as its own executive arm,” designating the Company’s goals, investment opportunities, financing sources, return on investment, and its business and organizational structure.

Draft Space Law and Human Resources Regulations
The Board also approved a draft Space Law blueprint prepared by the SSC in cooperation with government stakeholders; and submitted the draft to the Council of Ministers for approval. The blueprint was thoroughly studied to cover all international best practices, for which the SSC worked with several national and international consultancies. The SSC also reviewed all relevant regulations to reach a draft that complements National Space Strategy approved by SSC’s Board of Directors on its first meeting. The Board also approved the SSC’s financial and human resources regulations that lay down the regulatory arrangements for the Commission as approved by Saudi Council of Ministers.

The Human Capital Development Program
The Board of Directors reviewed the performance report and the top achievements undertaken by SSC in the first quarter of Financial Year 1441-1442 (2020) and the progress on developing national human capital for the space sector under SSC’s Space Generations Program (Ajyal) – sponsored by SSC in association with several government institutions. It also reviewed a report on SSC’s international relations tracking the progress of working with international space agencies in advanced countries, mutual cooperation projects, and cooperation underway between Saudi Arabia and these countries. The virtual meeting was held under the chairmanship of HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman, and the membership of:
- HRH Prince Dr. Turki bin Saud bin Mohammed Al Saud, advisor to the Royal Court
- H.E. Dr. Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al-Suwaiyel
- H.E. Mr. Abdullah bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, Assistant President at the Presidency of State Security
- H.E. Mr. Abdulhadi bin Ahmed Al Mansoori, President of the General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA)
- H.E. Dr. Khalid bin Hussein Bayari, Assistant Defense Minister for Executive Affairs
- H.E. Professor Khalid bin Saud Alshenaifi, Assistant to Minister of Economy and Planning
- H.E. Dr Hatem bin Hasan bin Hamza Al-Marzouki, Deputy Minister of Education for Universities, Research and Innovation
- Dr. Mohammed bin Saud Al-Tamimi, Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC)
- Dr. Anas bin Faris Al-Faris, President of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
- Mr. Saud bin Nassar Al-Hazmi, CEO of the General Authority for Audiovisual Media
- Mr. Thalib bin Ali Al-Shamrani, Assistant to Minister of Finance for Financial Affairs
- Mrs. Rania Nashar 

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