Saudi Space Commission kicks off future generations program (Ajyal)


Dr. Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh, Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Space Commission (SSC), unveiled that the space generations program, dubbed Ajyal, that was launched recently by SSC, will seek to build a national base of human capital in the space sector in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Al Al-Sheikh pointed out that the program will thrive to encourage interest in scientific research and learning various sciences in the areas of innovation that include science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Ajyal program will seek to forge cooperation with specialized academic circles to achieve further progress in research related to space science and its applications. The program also aims to create a prosperous educational environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by establishing a stimulating and enabling environment for the space sector to be a platform that launches economic and scientific paths that enable and engage all segments of the Saudi society.

“We derive our inspiration from the experience of Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, chairman of the board of directors of Saudi Space Commission, and his team who were passionate, creative and determined to reach the space,” said Al Al-Sheikh. He added that the scientific team who supported the prince’s space mission included a host of scientists, skilled technicians, designers and creative thinkers who contributed to realizing the dream.

The CEO added that the success of the space mission was a result of the efforts of an entire team, so “the Saudi Space Commission seeks to form a similar dream team who contributes to realizing our ambitious vision for the future of the space sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” On another note, Elham Al-Harbi, director general of the Space Generations Program (Ajyal), said the program comprises a slew of goals and strategic visions that aim to instill inspiration in generations to achieve leadership in space sciences, adding that Ajyal program aims also to build and develop future generations of Saudi space scientists and turn their dreams into a reality, by using and developing space technology and leading the sector towards the benefit of Saudi Arabia and humanity at large. 

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